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Anti Virus Solutions

Need help finding the right Anti Virus Solution for your Business?

An integral part of any network is to build in protection against security threats to safeguard your systems. To prevent virus outbreaks on your network it is vital to have an Anti Virus solution in place.

We have the experience needed to recommend, install and support an integrated security solution that protects business networks from the latest viruses. Our Anti Virus solution encompasses a fully managed service, leaving you to concentrate on your business :

  • We deploy a central management console that allows us to monitor your Anti Virus status and check to make sure all your clients are updating correctly.
  • We provide full management and renewal services for your Anti Virus software.
  • We configure virus scans to run in the background so that you can work as normal and no user intervention is required.
  • We can ensure your network is protected with the latest Anti Virus definitions and the functionality of the latest software versions in order to identify and block new and emerging threats before they impact your business.

Using Free Anti Virus? Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security. Free versions of software are only there to promote the full product!

King’s Lynn IT Support can save you time, money and reduce costly downtime to your company by ensuring you have appropriate protection in place against extremely harmful viruses to safeguard your network.

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